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MWS mail server (or email server) is a computer system that sends and receives email

Million Web Service email server is a computer with mail transfer agent (MTA) functions. Mail is exchanged between email servers running special software, which is built around standardized protocols for handling messages and their varied (multimedia) content. An email server receives mail from another MTA, a mail user agent (MUA) or a mail submission agent (MSA) with the details of the transmission being defined by SMTP. When an MTA receives a mail and the recipient of the mail is not hosted locally, the mail is forwarded to another MTA. Every time this happens the MTA adds a “received” trace header on the top header of the message. This shows all the MTAs that have handled the message before it arrived in the recipient’s inbox. This useful feature allows administrators to see whether an optimal path was taken.

How Million Web Service Email Server Work

Types of Email Servers we offer at MWS

  • Webmail (Web-Based Email) Servers
  • This is an Email type that most users are familiar with. It is an email service that enables users to access and use electronic mail using a standard web browser Many free email hosting providers host their servers as webmail. Webmail allows users to access their emails while on the go – since they can check their emails anywhere they have access to the Internet.
  • SMTP Servers
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol  (SMTP) is the industry-standard protocol for sending emails. SMTP server is an application that’s primary purpose is to send, receive and/or relay email messages from an email client to a receiving mail server. When you send an email using SMTP, the server processes your email and further decides which server the message should be sent to. Then, it relays the message to that server.
  • IMAP Email Servers
  • IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol an Internet standard protocol used by email clients to retrieve email messages. It is often used by business email accounts. Email messages are stored on mail servers. Whenever users check their email, the email client contacts the server to connect the users with their messages. IMAP allows users to preview, delete and organize their email data on the server, before transferring them to their devices. With IMAP, messages are read directly from the server – without downloading or storing them. And so, it’s possible to check emails from several different devices.

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