MWS IIS (Internet Information Services)

Host your websites and other content on the Web with MWS IIS.

Million Web Service Web Information Services is web server programming that can be used with the Windows NT family. We clearly offer IIS benefits for .Net applications. IIS servers are best used for .Net applications as well as static sites that you have explicitly created for your association. IIS can be extended to more advanced aspects, for example you can place web applications on it, assuming that these web applications are built as PHP. It has its own ASP.NET loop engine that can handle ASP.NET demands. The majority of ground-based innovation organizations use IIS for technology stacks. It is also considered a superior option because it can handle higher demands per second, has better response times and uses less CPU.

At MWS IIS administration we offer the following elements:

    • This allows you to create custom servers specific to your business association
    • It provides you with the best display of questions and memory printout for extra security
    • This reduces the surface area of the attack, thus greatly improving the security of your system

MWS IIS delivers new component modules between significant form deliveries to add new usefulness. The accompanying expansions are accessible for MWS IIS:

    • Organization Pack: 

      Adds organization UI support for the executives highlights in IIS 7, including ASP.NET approval, custom blunders, FastCGI arrangement, and solicitation sifting.

    • Application Request Routing:

      Provides an intermediary based steering module that advances HTTP solicitations to content servers in light of HTTP headers, server factors, and burden balance calculations.

    • Data set Manager: 

      MWS IIS allows simple administration of neighborhood and far off information bases from inside MWS IIS Manager.

    • Media Services: 

      MWS integrates a media conveyance stage with IIS to oversee and regulate conveyance of rich media and other Web content.

    • URL Rewrite Module: 

      MWS provides a standard based revising component for changing solicitation URLs before they are handled by the Web server.

    • WebDAV: 

      Lets Web creators distribute content safely to MWS IIS Web servers, and lets Web overseers and hosters oversee WebDAV settings utilizing IIS 7 administration and design devices.

    • Web Deployment Tool: 

      Synchronizes  MWS IIS servers, moves an IIS 6.0 server to IIS 7, and sends Web applications to an IIS 7 server.

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