Bare Metal Server

MWS offering you using Bare Metal Server

Shared Disks

Shared EVS disks can be attached to BMSs automatically, so that you can easily obtain the storage space needed to deploy core system clusters.

Flexible Deployment

BMSs use VPC to communicate with cloud resources, support hybrid deployment with ECSs, and can have EIPs bound to fully satisfy various networking requirements.


Virtualization does not reduce BMS performance. BMS provides disk backup capabilities and enterprise-class security.

How is MWS Bare Metal Server a good option

An uncovered metal server is an actual server dedicated to a solitary occupant. The server’s inhabitant can upgrade the server as per its requirements for execution, security and dependability. The option in contrast to an uncovered metal server is a hypervisor server, in which numerous clients share a virtual server’s process, stockpiling and different assets.Uncovered metal servers are otherwise called single-occupant actual servers or oversaw dedicated servers. On an uncovered metal server, the working framework is introduced straightforwardly onto the server, wiping out layers and conveying better execution.A business can run dedicated servers in its own data center or a colocation center, or lease them on an hourly or month to month membership premise from an oversaw specialist co-op.Notwithstanding their mind-boggling prominence, uncovered metal servers are not the most ideal decision for each kind of business.Organizations in the monetary, medical care and retail businesses settle on single-inhabitant, exposed metal servers to meet rigid prerequisites for administrative consistency, protection and security. However, organizations that needn’t bother with the exhibition and security necessities of a dedicated climate are frequently a solid match for a completely made-up, virtualized climate.

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