MWS Managed Service

Outsource the responsibility of maintaining and anticipating all the needs for refined processes and functions in order to improve the overall operations of your company

Outsource the responsibility of maintaining and anticipating all the needs for refined processes and functions in order to improve the overall operations of your company. By outsourcing the managed services, the IT department of your organization can focus on more crucial and strategic functions that matter the most. Get our managed services infrastructure to optimize your business operations through innovative automation processes and configurations. It doesn’t matter if you are simply starting or you are in a critical phase of any ongoing business operation, MWS has got you covered in the domains of cloud and data center services. MWS can train your existing team and support you to transform all your business operations with innovative technological considerations. Our working models offer you the flexibility and range of services to best suit your business needs. MWS do not compromise on quality and offer you the best possible services in the most cost-effective way possible.

Benefits of Million Web Service Managed Service

Better cost control Cost factors for a business service depend on an organization’s requirement for availability and criticality of a particular service. The typical cost components of an IT department, including training, equipment and personnel, are absorbed by the MSP and presented as a fixed monthly charge to the company. This helps in effectively predicting costs every month when budgeting. Depending on the future requirements and the speed of the your organization’s IT maturity, the managed service can scale to address such scenarios. The biggest benefit is that a company can decide how much to scale based on factors that may include finance and the CIO’s strategic vision. IT Service interruptions and outages can also be prevented, thus mitigating the risk of further losses. In terms of the energy company, the client went from multiple daily outages to one scheduled outage a month.
Improved risk management
Every business carries a certain amount of risk. This can be minimized by lowering the individual risk involved with each business service identified as critical. A MSP can help reduce risk by contributing their own proprietary methodologies and access to modern infrastructure and software. This enables adherence to best practices and minimizes risk involved in the service delivery. The MSP assumes and manages much of the risk for the company it serves by:
  • Having specific industry knowledge, especially around security and compliance issues
  • Partnering with your business and guide you on the best way to avoid risk in your domains of expertise
  • High availability, efficiency & productivityFor an IT Service, the saying “time is money” always applies. For optimal company performance, constant availability of a mission-critical IT services are the top priority for many organizations. Assessing the true cost of downtime is hard. But you can take proactive steps to avoid it completely. At worst, reputational risk could be a factor when the outage comes to the attention of those outside the company potentially eroding public trust. Clients experience better performance with minimal downtime when using a managed service. Many times, mission-critical applications involve multiple technologies and require them to be fully operational and integrated to achieve the IT service expected. All component applications must be available together for the IT service to function seamlessly for internal end-users. A MSP can ensure maximum uptime and minimal service interruptions. Organizations that attempt to implement and support all IT services in-house usually have:
    • Much higher research and development (R&D) costs
    • Longer timelines to deploy

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