MWS On-premises Data Center

MWS on-premises data center is a group of servers that you privately own and control

Million Web service on-premises data center or on-prem is a private data center that companies house in their own facilities and maintain themselves. To put it simply, a company’s software is installed and controlled locally on its own computer servers. It means that on-prem infrastructure can be used to run private clouds where computing resources are virtualized in much the same way as those of public clouds. But private clouds can also be run on third-party cloud providers.

The services Million Web Service offer you to setup an on-premises datacenter have the following features:

  • You can have complete control of your datacenter and modify it in any way you like depending upon your requirements
  • You can expand your datacenter based on increasing workloads
  • Your teammates and IT staff can access it anytime they like
  • On-premises datacenters are highly secure because stringent security measures are implemented
  • You can have access to the entire data without any restrictions
  • It’s highly cost effective

Why choose Million Web Service on-premises data center
In an on-premises environment, resources are deployed in-house and within an enterprise’s IT infrastructure. An enterprise is responsible for maintaining the solution and all its related processes.

  1. Cost
    For enterprises that deploy software on premise, they are responsible for the ongoing costs of the server hardware, power consumption, and space.
  2. Control
    In an on-premises environment, enterprises retain all their data and are fully in control of what happens to it, for better or worse. Companies in highly regulated industries with extra privacy concerns are more likely to hesitate to leap into the cloud before others because of this reason.
  3. Security
    Companies that have extra sensitive information, such as government and banking industries must have a certain level of security and privacy that an on-premises environment provides. Despite the promise of the cloud, security is the primary concern for many industries, so an on-premises environment, despite some of its drawbacks and price tag, make more sense.

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