At MWS we give all the cloud and information arrangements which you want for your business. We’re developing and extending in the cloud world, we are zeroing in on long haul economical development, and assisting our accomplices and clients with their development in the field of information and cloud arrangements. Million Web Service cloud arrangements empower fast admittance to adaptable and minimal expense IT assets without huge forthright interests in equipment or tedious establishment and support. Organizations can arrange precisely the sort and size of figuring assets they need to control another drive or work their IT divisions all the more productively.

Our cloud arrangements fall into following categories:
  • Network solution
  • MWS Network Solutions is a publicly traded, technology company with a stated goal of helping entrepreneurs start, grow and manage their business online.
  • SME Solution
  • Million Web Service wants you to focus on your core business areas and we have got your IT needs covered. A small- to mid-size enterprise (SME) is a business with revenues, assets, or numbers of employees that fall below a certain level. The criteria for determining an SME varies between countries and sometimes between industries.
  • On Site Data Center Management
  • MWS on site data center management is the provision of offsite physical data center facilities and infrastructure to clients. Clients rent or lease access to the provider’s data center, using the servers, networking, storage and other computing resources owned by the MWS DCaaS provider. MWS DCaaS provider is typically engaged by a business that can no longer expand its own data center.
  • Managed Network Infrastructure
  • Million Web Service Managed Network Infrastructure is fundamentally about managing the core systems and sub-systems within an organization be it software or hardware. Managed network infrastructure includes the management of physical machines – computers, servers, routers and IT platforms – as well as applications and software on the cloud.
  • Firewall Setup
  • MWS firewall is an excellent choice if you want to monitor traffic for any organization’s Cloud because firewall has predetermined rules that it follows, no security threat or breach is possible if a firewall is set up in your system. MWS firewall also distinguishes between a trusted network and a non-trusted network so that you know if you should access a particular webpage or not.
  • VPN Setup
  • MWS VPN creates a “tunnel” where you can send data securely using encryption and authentication tools. Businesses often use VPN connections because they’re a more secure way to help employees remotely access private company networks, even when they’re working outside the office.
  • Virtualization Platform Setup
  • MWS Virtualization uses software to create an abstraction layer over computer hardware that allows the hardware elements of a single computer—processors, memory, storage and more—to be divided into multiple virtual computers, commonly called virtual machines (VMs). Each MWS VM runs its own operating system (OS) and behaves like an independent computer, even though it is running on just a portion of the actual underlying computer hardware.
  • Data Storage Consultancy
  • MWS Data Storage Consultancy provides detailed reports in light of your business research and the amount of information you produce. With that MWS provides mongrel array in light of custom internal storage, distributed storage, and prerequisites.