VPN Setup

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” and describes the opportunity to establish a protected network connection when using public networks

MWS VPN creates a “tunnel” where you can send data securely using encryption and authentication tools. Businesses often use VPN connections because they’re a more secure way to help employees remotely access private company networks, even when they’re working outside the office.

The VPN lets remote devices, like laptops, operate as though they’re on the same local network. Many VPN router devices can support dozens of tunnels at the same time, using easy configuration tools—ensuring all workers have access to company data, no matter where they are.

Why does your business need MWS VPN setup?
At their most basic, VPNs protect businesses and users and their confidential data. Here are other reasons why your business could benefit from a VPN:
MWS VPNs are a convenient way to give employees, including remote workers, easy access to your business network without having to be physically present—while maintaining the security of private networks and business resources.
Better security
Communication with a MWS VPN connection provides a higher level of security compared to other methods of remote communication, keeping private networks closed to people who don’t have authorized access. The actual geographic locations of users are protected and not exposed to public or shared networks like the Internet.
Easier administration
It’s easy to add new users or groups of users to networks using flexible MWS VPN software tools. That’s good for businesses that are growing faster than their budgets since it means you can often expand network footprints without adding new components or building complicated network configurations

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