MWS colocation helps you to rent space for your servers and your company or organization’s hardware at the Million Web Service Data Center. Million Web Service provides all types of colocation services which includes secure building where everything is kept with care and MWS have proper networking, physical security, required power and cooling system which makes us the best choice for you to choose when you find the best type of data center.Choosing Million Web Service helps you to eliminate the extra cost of maintaining your own data center building and all of your hardwares. Dont worry about loosing your control on your hardware and machines, Million Web Services provides you full control and access to your machines.

Million Web Service have some amazing colocation features:
Data Center Facilities
Million Web Service Colocation offers required space in the provider’s data center for your IT hardware. Million Web Service facilities are 100% reliability and include racks, cabinets and cable trays for your hardwares and machines.
Required Power
Million Web Service data centershave backup generators with different levels of redundancy and battery backup systems and interuptible power systems which makes your machines accessible to you 24/7.
Physical Security
Million Web Service colocation centers maintain high levels of physical security, including 24x7x365 surveillance, on-site security guards and biometric authorization.
Million Web Service provide cooling systems to protect your hardware, typically including systems and chiller configurations.