Circulated Message Service

Product Advantages of MWS Circulated Message Service

Following are the benefits you can get by using our message service

Out of the Box Compatibility

Fully compatible with open-source Apache Kafka, allowing you to migrate your applications to the cloud without any code rewrites.

High Performance and Availability

Provides high-performance with high-throughput, low-latency, and elastic scaling. Clustered to deliver service availability up to 99.95%, and data storage reliability up to 99.99999999%.

Data Security and Traceability

Supports SASL_SSL encryption for identity authentication and data transmission to prevent unauthorized access. Compatible with Cloud Trace Service (CTS) to track user actions and resource changes.

Fully Managed

Focus on delivering value to your customers, while DMS for Kafka simplifies the deployment and maintenance of the computing, networking, and storage of your distributed event streaming platform.

How MWS is helping Mission-Critical Enterprise Applications

MWS Message Service increases reliability by decoupling dependencies between enterprise service systems, preventing faults in one system from affecting others.


  • High Availability
  • Data is replicated, allowing systems to continue even if they are not all available.
  • High Performance
  • Requests can be processed within milliseconds.
  • System Decoupling
  • Service systems are decoupled from each other and communicate through message queues.

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