Circumstance Awareness

CA collects network-wide traffic data and security device logs to identify threat alarms using a big data analysis platform. It also aggregates and displays alarm data reported by other security services, such as Host Security Service and Web Application Firewall (WAF) so that you can take actions in a timely manner.

MWS Circumstances Awareness is a GUI-based security event management and situation analysis platform on Million Web Service cloud. It comprehensively analyzes attack events, threat alarms, and attack sources by leveraging the big data technique, making it simple for you to understand security situation across all your cloud assets. MWS Circumstance Awareness is a complete security activity stage sent off by MWS for legislatures and enormous undertakings and organizations in finance, fabricating, clinical consideration, and schooling businesses. By coordinating data wellsprings of safety items on the organization layer, have layer, application layer and directing danger insight and AI oddity identification and coordinating, and enormous data connection examination, it furnishes undertakings with complex security cautions through pictured huge screen show.

Benefits of MWS Circumstance Awareness:

  • Log sources: network layer: DDoS security items, network interruption recognition framework, and organization danger filtering framework; have layer: have interruption identification framework; application layer: Web application firewall. In the interim, it upholds log access of different outsider security items.
  • Huge data design: It upholds access, capacity, relationship examination, and question of petabyte-level gigantic data, and dispersed arrangement.
  • Danger insight: Data sources: public cloud, city cloud, cell phone client, and business danger knowledge. After broke down and handled by an expert group, the data will frame ongoing danger insight with high exactness and wide inclusion.
  • Artificial intelligence irregularity identification: The data models, security models and AI calculation models collected by Enterprise Security for a long time are worked in to distinguish progressed danger interruption really.

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