Cloud Connect

MWS cloud Connect lays out a committed organization association from your premises to at least one cloud supplier. This makes it workable for your business to lay out a private network between the cloud supplier and your server farm, office or colocation climate. As a rule, a cloud connection will assist your business with lessening network costs, increment transfer speed throughput and give a more steady organization experience than a public web based association.MWS Cloud Connect (CC) enables you to establish secure, high-speed connections among VPCs in different regions to meet growing cloud usage requirements while reducing operational costs.


  • Full Connectivity

    You can connect VPCs in any region to build a multi-VPC network without using additional links. Over 10 regions are currently supported, with support for more regions coming soon.

  • High Performance

    CC leverages MWS global network infrastructure to securely transmit data through the shortest network path for ultra-low latency. You can flexibly adjust bandwidth to meet your business requirements.

  • Ease of Use
    In just four simple steps, you can build cross-region VPC connectivity to securely connect and use cloud resources in multiple VPCs.


Why utilize MWS cloud Connect

All cloud administrations require network access. In getting to the cloud, most organizations utilize their current network access supplier (ISP) and public web association. 

Public web is simple and economical, yet it’s not generally the most dependable, proficient or secure pathway to move information between your areas, server farms, and cloud suppliers. There are plenty of vindictive entertainers present on the public web. Huge organizations and worldwide endeavors might choose to use their ISP for committed web access (DIA) administrations. 

A committed web association gives a devoted connection to the web. Basically: your business doesn’t impart that association or data transfer capacity to different clients. The drawback to utilizing DIA to associate your business to the cloud is that it can oblige accessible transmission capacity, increment idleness and execution issues, and increment web and systems administration related costs. Then again, cloud direct interfaces are utilized to lay out a private, devoted association from your business base camp or branch office to the cloud supplier. Numerous organizations that execute cloud-based administrations like IaaS, PaaS or SaaS neglect to carry out a web or systems administration technique that fuses constantly expanding cloud usage all through the association.

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