Cloud stream service

MWS Cloud Stream Service (CS) gives full-stack abilities to handling streaming data progressively. Viable with Apache Flink and Spark APIs, CS completely has registering groups, so you can run StreamSQL or custom positions without mastering any programming abilities

How MWS Cloud Stream Service is serving the clients

  • Simple to Use
  • CS permits you to carry out business rationale by utilizing StreamSQL explanations. You just need to perform streaming data investigation without the need to oversee groups and acquire programming abilities.
  • Backing of Exclusive Clusters
  • You can run your positions in a common bunch or select group. Elite bunches are genuinely segregated from shared groups and other occupants’ groups. You can likewise deal with the amount of selective bunches.
  • Pay per Use
  • Pay just for what you really use. At the point when no positions are running, you don’t pay anything.
  • High Throughput, Low Latency
  • CS utilizes the Dataflow model of Apache Flink, a constant processing system. Elite execution registering assets are utilized to consume data from your made Kafka, DMS Kafka, and MRS Kafka bunches. A solitary SPU processes 1,000 to 50,000 messages each second.

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