Data lake visualization

A data lake is a unified archive that permits you to store all your organized and unstructured data at any scale. You can store your data with no guarantees, without having to initially structure the data, and run various kinds of investigation — from dashboards and visualizations to enormous data handling, constant examination, and AI to direct better choices.Associations that effectively create business esteem from their data, will outflank their companions. An Aberdeen overview saw associations who carried out a Data Lake beating comparative organizations by 9% in natural income development. These pioneers had the option to do new kinds of investigation like AI over new sources like log records, data from click-transfers, online entertainment, and web associated gadgets put away in the data lake. This assisted them with distinguishing, and follow up on amazing open doors for business development quicker by drawing in and holding clients, supporting efficiency, proactively keeping up with gadgets, and settling on informed choices.

Rich Visualization

Effectively add shocking visual parts, including diagrams, guides, and media, to your data screens.

Various Geographic Components

Insert an assortment of parts, including heatmaps, locales, and 3D globes, for convincing geographic visualizations.

Easy to use GUI

Make and distribute data screens without coding. Intuitive parts and redo the look and feel of your screens to match gadget goals.

Numerous Data Sources

Effectively make data associations with other MWS services (OBS, DWS, DLI, and RDS) and import CSV documents, online APIs, and on-premises data.

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