Dedicated Host

Advantages of MWS Dedicated Host


Fully dedicated, DeH hosts only your own ECSs.


Keep your services secure with host-level compute isolation.


Scale up ECSs deployed on DeH based on your service.


Use existing server-bound software licenses.

How MWS Dedicted Host is a good Choice for you
A dedicated host is a solitary occupant cloud framework, which basically goes about as a separated, single-inhabitant public cloud. Dedicated clouds are set as a foundation as an assistance (IaaS) and are made to lessen an associations vacation and cost while advancing adaptability and execution. Dedicated clouds function admirably for asset serious jobs. Dedicated hosts might interest many managed organizations in light of the fact that the servers every client utilizes is segregated. With this detachment, clients can have more control and customization choices with regards to highlights like transfer speed and capacity. Associations can involve a dedicated cloud for creating or reaching out on-premise applications in the cloud with included administration instruments, without expecting to stress over the adaptability of their foundation.

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