Direct Connect

MWS Direct Connect empowers you to lay out a committed network connection from your premises to MWS CLOUD. This permits you to join cloud services with your in-house IT assets to assemble an adaptable, scalable half breed cloud. MWS Cloud direct connect, be that as it may, is a smidgen more intricate. Basically, cloud direct interface is an association between a private organization and a public cloud. Previously, all associations with the cloud were from a public organization into a public cloud, however with the ascent of new innovations, various sorts of mists have opened up, including public, private, and half and half. Direct interface permits you to cooperate with these mists all from a private, committed network. This disclosure is energizing for the innovation business since it carries some truly necessary upgrades to the information stockpiling industry. It additionally makes them invigorate applications for future advancements in the distributed storage field specifically and worldwide correspondence overall. 


Item High Bandwidth

A solitary connection upholds up to 10 Gbit/s transmission capacity, meeting your connectivity needs today and tomorrow.

Low Latency

Devoted connections lessen network dormancy and guarantee a more reliable network insight over Internet-based connections.

Impervious Security

Direct Connect lays out private connectivity between your premises and at least one VPCs while keeping up with network seclusion between various workloads.

Incredible Scalability

By connecting your on-premises network to MWS CLOUD, you get sufficiently close to virtually limitless cloud assets for adaptable, scalable half breed sending.

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