Dispersed Cache Service for Redis

Million Web Service caching service is a common technique that aims to improve the performance and scalability of a system. MWS does this by temporarily copying frequently accessed data to fast storage that’s located close to the application. If this fast data storage is located closer to the application than the original source, then caching can significantly improve response times for client applications by serving data more quickly.

In the era of big data, the concurrency of network requests leads to huge database I/O overhead. Therefore, in order to alleviate the pressure of the database, caching technology is essential. Among them, redis is basically one of the server’s caching services. Although caching technology is very easy to use, there will be a variety of problems. Here, we will analyze and solve the three most common problems, I hope to bring you help
  • Cache penetration: the corresponding cache data in the key does not exist, which leads to the request for the database and the doubling of the pressure on the database
  • Cache breakdown: at the moment after redis expires, a large number of users request the same cache data, resulting in these requests to request the database, resulting in double pressure on the database. For a key
  • Cache avalanche: when the cache server goes down or a certain period of time in a large number of cache sets fails, all requests go to the database, resulting in double pressure on the database.

Advantages of using Million Web Services caching services

  • Quicker Service

    Convey quicker encounters with an in-memory information base that empowers sub-millisecond execution

  • High Availability
  • Keep a high uptime, with programmed failover on the expert/backup or bunch case types. The reserve hub takes over inside a couple of moments guaranteeing higher accessibility and dependability than single-hub examples

  • On-request Scalability
  • On-request Scalability increase examples and down with no help personal time (on ace/backup or group cases), or with insignificant interference in no time (on single-hub occurrences)

  • Solid Performance

  • Add a quick reserving layer to your application design to bring down inertness and empower adaptable continuous applications

  • Unified Management and Monitoring
  • Utilize the control center to see in excess of 30 measurements across the entirety of your occurrences. Redo cautions and notices to identify administration anomalies

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