Elastic Cloud Server

Latest-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors enable powerful and reliable computing, and 25GE high-speed intelligent NICs provide ultra-high network bandwidth and PPS. An Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) is a basic computing unit that consists of vCPUs, memory, OS, and Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks. After an ECS is created, you can use it on the cloud similarly to how you would use your local PC or physical server.

ECS works with different items and administrations to give registering, stockpiling, and organization assets. You can rapidly relocate and repeat existing ECSs utilizing pictures.
ECSs can be sent in different accessibility zones (AZs) associated with one another through an interior organization. On the off chance that one AZ becomes flawed, different AZs in a similar area won’t be impacted. With the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) administration, you can construct your own committed organization on the cloud. 


    • Security Protection

      Straightforward extensive security insurance

    • Rich Specifications

      Various ECS types, particulars, and images

    • Adaptable, Easy to Use

      Numerous ways of overseeing ECSs: the executives console, remote access, and APIs

    • Upper hand

      Undertaking grade cloud processing controlled by MWS state of the art equipment and virtualization innovation

    • Hearty Performance

      Industry-driving processing, organization, and capacity execution work with business achievement

    • Dependable Data

      Tenacious square stockpiling for high throughput and high accessibility

    • Stable Network Access

      Quick, stable, and secure dedicated network transmission channels

    • Continuous Monitoring

      Instinctive stage for continuous observing, cautions, and notices

    • Numerous choices

      Yearly/regularly scheduled, pay-per-use, spot cost, and saved cases (RIs)

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