GaussDB(for Influx)

MWS GaussDB(for Influx) is a cloud-native NoSQL time-series database with decoupled compute and storage and full compatibility with InfluxDB. This high availability database is secure and scalable, can be deployed, backed up, or restored quickly, and includes monitoring and alarm management. You can also expand storage or compute resources separately. It is widely used to monitor resources, services, IoT devices, and industrial production processes, evaluate production quality, and trace faults. MWS GaussDB(for Influx) meets the demand of high concurrent read and write, compressed storage, and SQL-like query, and supports multi-dimensional aggregation computing

Product Advantages of MWS GaussDB(for Influx)

  • Performance
  • With DFV storage and vertical optimization of the software and hardware, GaussDB(for MySQL) gets 7x the performance of MySQL. It can processes millions of queries per second (QPS).
  • Scalability
  • You can add up to 15 read replicas in addition to scaling up or down CPU and memory specifications for a DB instance as needed.
  • Storage
  • GaussDB(for MySQL) automatically grows storage as needed, up to 128 TB per DB instance.
  • Reliability
  • To ensure data security, DB instances can be deployed across AZs, and an instance failover can be performed within seconds.

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