GaussDB(for Mongo)

SQL Server index fragmentation for better performance

Million Web Services GaussDB(for Mongo) is a cloud-native NoSQL high availability database with decoupled compute and storage for more flexible scaling. Secure and fully compatible with MongoDB, you can deploy, back up, or restore instances with ease using our user-friendly UI.

MWS GaussDB(for Mongo) is a cloud-local NoSQL high accessibility information base viable with MongoDB. This adaptable, versatile, and dependable information base can be overseen on an envisioned platform.

    • Endeavour class performance

GaussDB(for Cassandra) read and compose performance is multiple times that of the open source rendition. Information can be kept in touch with this high accessibility data set day in and day out, and with computerised load adjusting and versatile scaling, you generally have all the performance you really want.

    • Adaptability

The conveyed engineering, with decoupled figure and capacity, implies that process hubs can be extended in minutes, and capacity limit can be increased in seconds without influencing your administrations.

    • Extreme dependability

A multi-facet security framework, including VPC, subnet, security bunch, SSL, and fine-grained authorization control, is utilized to guarantee information base security and client protection. You can send hubs across three AZs and immediately back up or reestablish information to further develop information unwavering quality. The dispersed design gives standout adaptation to non-critical failure.

    • Agreeable UI

On the pictured occasion the executives console, you can make or erase examples in only a couple of snaps. Reinforcement and rebuilding, it is similarly as simple to design alerts or adding hubs.

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