Image Management Service

Features of MWS Image Management Services


Create a system or data disk image from a server or an external image file, or create a full-ECS image, including the data disk, based on an existing ECS server and batch creation of new servers is easy.


Managing images is easy through the management console or using APIs.


You can use images to uniformly deploy or upgrade applications, ensuring consistency in your application environments.

How can MWS Image Management Service help you

  • Public Image
  • Upholds normal standard Operating System (OS) image including OS and preloaded public applications, both which are open to clients. You can self-design the application climate and related virtual products in light of the particular organization situations.

  • Private Image
  • You can make a private image in light of ECS occurrence or outside image. The image can incorporate the OS, preloaded public applications, and your private applications. This work process liberates you from the repetitive course of designing ECS.

  • Shared Image
  • A common image is a private image of an inhabitant. The OS, preloaded public applications, and your private applications are incorporated. You can choose a shared image to make ECS.

  • Image Marketplace
  • Excellent outsider image commercial center that incorporates pre-introduced working framework, applications, and different apparatuses. It can address explicit issues of the site, application advancement and visual administration with speedy sending.

  • Image Management
  • The image can be reinforcement or erased. A private image can be transferred, downloaded, erased and shared. You can undoubtedly make ECS examples through open or private images.

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