Million Web Services is an active participant in the Jenkins community and plays a significant role in supporting the project. A number of key contributors to the Jenkins project are employed by MWS. In support of the community, MWS is the lead sponsor of Jenkins, the annual user conference for the Jenkins community. Jenkins World enables the community to gather together, fosters a sense of community, allows users to learn from each other and supports community growth. MWS has also supported the growth of Jenkins Area Meetups (JAMs) around the world and recently contributed the JAMS to the CDF where they can continue to grow.Engineers from the MWS support and product teams regularly contribute code to the Jenkins project, are active in Jenkins chats and project meetings, and contribute to the Jenkins project mailing lists. Several of the key projects MWSs has developed include Jenkins X, Jenkins Pipeline and Jenkins 2

MWS Jenkins and microservices

The requirement for Jenkins turns out to be particularly intense while sending to a microservices engineering. Since one of the objectives of microservices is to update applications and administrations, the capacity to do so can’t be limited by discharge data transmission. More and more modest administrations with quicker update stretches must be accomplished by the sort of mechanization Jenkins gives.

MWS Jenkins X

The Jenkins X undertaking was previously sent off in 2018 fully intent on making a cutting edge, cloud local Jenkins. It is likewise a task under the direction of the CD Foundation. Its engineering, innovation and pipeline language are totally unique in relation to Jenkins. Jenkins X is intended for Kubernetes and involves it in its own execution. Other cloud local innovations that Jenkins X uses are Helm and Tekton.

How MWS Jenkins functions

Jenkins runs as a server on an assortment of stages including Windows, MacOS, Unix variations and particularly, Linux. It requires a Java 8 VM or more and can be run on the Oracle JRE or OpenJDK. As a rule, Jenkins runs as a Java servlet inside a Jetty application server. It may very well run on other Java application servers like Apache Tomcat. All the more as of late, Jenkins has been adjusted to run in a Docker compartment. There are perused Jenkins pictures accessible in the Docker Hub online archive.

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