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Modern day IT operations are shifting more and more towards virtualization, and cloud-based Operating Systems (OS) are becoming the norm. The hardware devices and the operating systems that are run on these devices require a good amount of resources, and effective management and troubleshooting process. As most enterprise organizations have adopted Cloud as a preferred medium for storage and other operations, the demand for cloud-based operating systems has increased significantly.

How is the MWS Linux operating system useful?

Every version of the Linux OS manages hardware resources, launches and handles applications, and provides some form of user interface. The enormous community for developers and wide range of distributions means that a Linux version is available for almost any task, and Linux has penetrated many areas of computing.

Server OS

Server OS for web servers, database servers, file servers, email servers and any other type of shared server. Designed to support high-volume and multithreading applications, Linux is well-suited for all types of server applications.

Desktop OS

Desktop OS for personal productivity computing. Linux is an open source and freely available desktop environment for users who prefer it to commercial OSes.

Network OS

Network OS for routers, switches, domain name system servers, home networking devices and more. For example, Cisco offers a version of the Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS) that uses the Linux kernel.

Software development OS

Software development OS for enterprise software development. Although many development tools have been ported to Windows or other OSes, Linux is home to some of the most widely used open-source software development tools.

Headless server OS

Headless server OS for systems that do not require a graphical user interface (GUI) or directly connected terminal and keyboard. Headless systems are often used for remotely managed networking server and other devices.

Cloud OS

Cloud OS for cloud instances. Major cloud computing providers offer access to cloud computing instances running Linux for cloud servers, desktops and other services.

With our Linux OS services (RedHat, CentOS, and Fedora), you get the following:

With Linux OS, your virtual or hybrid infrastructure can get access to the edge and you can access thousands of nodes

Automatic health and performance checks and improved analytics

Minimize the hassle associated with traditional OS updates

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