MWS Managed Firewall

A managed firewall service, provided by a team of security experts, offers solutions that cover the administration, operation, monitoring, and
maintenance of your firewall infrastructure

In this age of Big Data, organizations are continuously evolving to meet cybersecurity requirements both for their own security as well as for the security of the customers they serve. Many organizations use firewall to manage incoming and outgoing traffic, and this is quite manageable at a small scale. In the case of enterprise institutions, as the operations become more and more complex, it becomes quite difficult to manage firewall, and companies over time consider managing firewalls an overhead.  Million Web Service managed firewall services offer you the monitoring and maintenance of firewalls allow you to focus on your key organizational operations. MWS guarantees the continuous operation of your firewall with the maximum efficiency.

Get the best managed firewall for your network and for your cloud projects at Million Web Service

The board management firewall reduces the cost and risk of dealing with your organization’s firewalls.
To maintain security and business progress, firewalls must be properly managed and inspected, repaired and revised.

However, to do so successfully requires extensive assets and skills, and many organizations do not have those assets.

By investing resources in supervised firewall management, you can reap many benefits, for example:

  • Stay away from expensive security staff costs
  • Allow IT groups to focus on core business
  • Protecting business consistency
  • Also brand, loyalty and revenue protection

Why to choose Million Web Service Firewall

  • Accessibility, fitness and design
  • Changes in strategy and principle
  • VPN creation and configuration
  • Strengthen strategy and team design
  • Helpdesk with remote help and active dashboard presence
  • Precautions and use of basic patches
  • Annual operating system updates
  • Customer Management Registration
  • The Executive Summary reports monthly
  • Most firewall executives avoid maintaining hardware for firewalls, which are usually purchased separately

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