MWS vSphere Clustering Services

Optimize VMware performance monitoring and quickly resolve issues in your VMware environment

Million Web Service vSphere clustering services give you the ability to improve your resources and stay healthy during the workload. With this service, MWS offers you a cluster of hosts instead of one host to manage loads. In MWS vSphere cluster services, when a host is added to a cluster, it becomes part of the cluster. This new host is now managed by Cluster to maintain the health of the overall system. With the vSphere clustering solution, you get High Availability (HA) and Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS).

You get the following benefits from using MWS vSphere services:

  • Reduce system complexity
  • Easy vSphere management
  • Easy troubleshooting if the administrative infrastructure is separated from the computer cluster
  • Even during high workloads the performance of the system is less affected

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