RDS for PostgreSQL

Send off and scale RDS for PostgreSQL in minutes on the cloud – a completely overseen data set controlled by Postgres, a main open-source social data set framework with an emphasis on extensibility and SQL consistence.PostgreSQL has turned into the favored open source social database for the overwhelming majority undertaking engineers and new companies, driving business and portable applications. MWS RDS makes it simple to set up, work, and scale PostgreSQL arrangements in the cloud. With MWS RDS, you can send versatile PostgreSQL organizations in minutes with cost-proficient and resizable equipment limit. 


End-to-End Server Security and Data Encryption

RDS, you can deploy enterprise-grade MySQL databases without any worries about setup, configuration, maintenance, backups, or uptime.

High-Speed Access

RDS can work with an ECS in the same region to communicate with each other through the intranet. This shortens the response time of applications and reduces the cost incurred by Internet traffic.

SQL Tuning

Suggestions on how to tune detected slow SQL statements are provided.


Capacities Influence the world’s most developed open source information base to drive geospatial, monetary, or examination applications safely and   dependably. Upgraded Features Understand Replica Up to five read imitations can be added to a current DB occurrence to offload read-weighty data set responsibilities.Intelligent Replication Subscription Everything intelligent spaces can be recreated from the essential occasion to the backup example.Peruse/Write Splitting Information base intermediaries consequently appropriate read and compose demands through a read/compose parting address.

Planned Tasks Errands can be run consequently during off-top hours in view of a timetable that you control. Multi-facet Network Security
Network Isolation and Security Group Influence Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to segregate occupant organizations and security bunch rules to control traffic to and from explicit IP locations and ports, guarding your data set. SSL Use TLS and SSL to encode information during transmission, guaranteeing the security and uprightness of your information. Review Use Cloud Trace Service (CTS) to record activities related with RDS for PostgreSQL for later question, review, and backtrack tasks. Confirmations RDS for PostgreSQL has 15+ security confirmations, for example, ISO 27001, CSA, Trusted Cloud Service (TRUCS), and CCSP Level 3.

Support for 70+ Plugins Numerous Types of Geospatial Data Support PostGIS for 2D and 3D models, with space objects, files, activity capacities, and administrators.Time Series Data The TimescaleDB time-series information base module, segment tables, and BRIN lists are totally upheld.Search Indexes Give a wide scope of records, including capacity and condition-based files, for quicker full-text search.Proficient Database O&M Platform Case Management Deal with your cases effortlessly utilizing adaptable control center based capacities. Constant Monitoring View key functional measurements of your examples, including vCPU/stockpiling use, I/O movement, and occurrence associations, and characterize custom caution rules depending on the situation.

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