Scalable File Service

Scalable File Service (SFS) gives solid, elite execution shared file capacity facilitated on MWS CLOUD. With SFS, you can appreciate shared file access spreading over various Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs), Bare Metal Servers (BMSs), and compartments made on Cloud Container Engine (CCE) and Cloud Container Instance (CCI).

The help gives the standard convention to getting to NFSv3 records. Clients can coordinate their current applications and devices with SFS with practically no change to their applications and apparatuses. The arrangement is intended to deal with an enormous volume of capacity ideally. SFS is material to a wide scope of situations, for example, sight and sound handling and content administration. During arrangement, clients can indicate the area and virtual confidential cloud (VPC) for a document framework. ECSs from various Availability Zones in a similar VPC can get to the mentioned record framework in all Availability Zones

Advantages of using MWS Scalable File Service

The Scalable File Service is the ideal fit for these requests:

  • SFS joins the adaptability of Object Storage Service (OBS) with the exhibition of Elastic Volume Storage (EVS) while giving the accommodation of data accessibility for all network members. 
  • SFS is at present accessible in two different speed types with two extra estimating choices each. The SSD-based record offers can helpfully be coordinated by means of NFSv3 convention and are upgraded for IO and more modest document sizes.
  • SFS is made accessible inside a high-accessibility group and can alternatively be safeguarded by reinforcements made through the Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) service. This help stores your reinforcement data on the OBS, implying that it is consequently reproduced on different Open Telekom Cloud accessibility zones (AZs), safeguarding it against AZ blackouts.

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