Short Sentence Recognition

Complete with API support, Short Sentence Recognition changes over short sound documents (as long as a brief) into message. It can assist with voice based search and human-machine association. MWS short sentence recognition gives a man-machine connection mode by open Application Programming Interfaces. You can acquire the discourse association results by ongoing access and API calling. Uses the profound learning innovation to streamline the corpus for explicit situations and fields, empowering an industry-driving recognition rate. Consolidates mature discourse recognition calculations at present in dynamic use in the business with the furthest down the line examination to engage endeavors with one of a kind upper hands.

Item Advantages

  • High Accuracy
    Profound learning innovation is utilized to streamline discourse acknowledgment for explicit situations and fields, accomplishing an industry-driving acknowledgment rate.
  • Strong Security
    A solid and secure application climate guarantees administration soundness.
  • High Stability
    Appreciate demonstrated soundness upheld by long stretches of involvement with complex venture client situations.
  • Convenience
    Utilize standard RESTful APIs and administration SDKs to work with use and reconciliation while decreasing the work required and minimizing expenses.