Windows Server-Based VMs

Get a Windows Server from Million Web Service at Great Price

For any organization to thrive in this competitive IT world, command on the fundamentals of IT infrastructure and how virtualization is changing the ways organizations operate has increasingly becoming a key. Windows server-based VMs allow you the amount of virtualization and flexibility that is needed for an organization to scale. It is deployed as a virtual machine and also integrated with the VMware for the effective integration with the cloud suite. It also complies with the cybersecurity best practices and standard operating procedures. Million Web Service offer the windows server-based VMs for your organizational needs. We also provide customized solutions depending upon the scalability you want to achieve and the resources you want to arrange. We make sure our services comply to the cybersecurity best practices.

What are MWS VMs used for

Here are a few ways virtual machines are used:

  • Building and deploying apps to the cloud
  • Trying out a new operating system (OS), including beta releases
  • Spinning up a new environment to make it simpler and quicker for developers to run dev-test scenarios
  • Backing up your existing OS
  • Accessing virus-infected data or running an old application by installing an older OS
  • Running software or apps on operating systems that they weren’t originally intended for

What are the benefits of using Million Web Service VMs?

Saves money on IT costs

It saves you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on the physical infrastructure

Reduces the number of physical servers a company must have on its premises

It reduces the time and effort required to maintain the on-premises physical servers

Cuts down on energy consumption

It reduces energy consumption thus saving a large sum of money

Creates independent user environments

You can create independent environments for your applications and development

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