Million Web Services White Paper

MWS – White Paper

This white paper emphasizes the critical importance of cybersecurity in the context of modern cyber threats facing Pakistan. It is designed to inform clients of Million Web Services, a prominent data center company in Pakistan, about the evolving cyber threats in the region and the measures they can take to secure their data and operations. …

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Host e Rack

Host e Rack is a company that provides web hosting solutions to clients around the world. The company has been using on-premises data center to host its servers. Download


Tech Pvt Ltd. is a technology company that specializes in providing software solution to small and medium-sized businesses. The company had been relying on a traditional IT Infrastructure for a long time, but as they grow, they realized the limitation of their infrastructure. Download

Banu Mukhtar

Banu Mukhtar is a construction company based in Pakistan that specializes in large scale infrastructure projects, including highways, bridges and dams.   Download


Adsells is an advertisement company that specializes in providing marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes. The company had been using an in-house email server to manage its email communications with clients and employees. However, as they grew, they realized the limitations of their in-house email server.     Download